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Client relationships built on trust.

Professional Liability

You’ve worked hard to create a name for yourself in the community, build a solid client base, and establish yourself as an expert in your field.  Suddenly, you are hit with a negligence suit, and everything you have accomplished may go up in smoke.  To protect your business, your reputation, and your standing in the community, you need to find experienced counsel and representation you can trust.

At HCP, it’s not just about winning or losing—it’s about protecting our clients’ interests from the start.  We know that professionals are keenly interested in their case and must be kept informed of the progress of the matter at every stage.  When litigation is necessary, we rally a team of attorneys with proven trial experience and industry knowledge to zealously represent our client, while remaining cognizant of both the sensitive nature of these cases and the client’s “bottom line.”

Our team has extensive experience in the litigation and trial of architectural, engineering, legal, medical, dental, accounting, real estate, and insurance agent malpractice actions.  We’ve represented professionals in state and federal court and in administrative proceedings.  While the firm prides itself on the ability of its attorneys to bring professional liability matters to successful jury verdict, we also recognize the need to pursue alternative dispute resolution of certain complex litigation matters in order to bring such matters to an expeditious and cost-effective conclusion.

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