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Emergency Response

Catastrophic accidents often result in regulatory action, compliance issues, OSHA investigations, Workers Compensation claims, and civil lawsuits.  When bad accidents occur, time is of the essence.  HCP has teams of attorneys who will immediately report to accident scenes at any time of the day or night.

The twin goals of the emergency response team are to protect our client's interest by preserving the evidence and to provide an early assessment of liability so the client can make informed decisions.  Immediate action by experienced counsel is essential to properly document and preserve critical evidence, interview witnesses, communicate with law enforcement officials, and direct the investigation on behalf of the client.  Evidence collected and work performed by our emergency response team has literally won cases and saved our clients millions of dollars.

HCP attorneys already know the nation’s leading expert witnesses that need to be involved early on to conduct the necessary scientific investigation, testing, and analysis.  We don’t need to teach ourselves the ropes at your expense.

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