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Effective appellate advocacy actually begins before a trial begins.  It requires a sophisticated understanding of how to preserve issues for appeal, the ability to distinguish orders that are subject to immediate appeal from those that are not, and knowing how—and when—to seek discretionary review.  Perhaps most important, to determine what is in the client’s best interests, effective appellate advocacy requires a candid assessment of the strengths and weakness of the case and the costs and other risks associated with an appeal.  Every published appellate decision sets a precedent that may affect not only that client, but an entire industry.

When a jury verdict or court decision leads to an appeal, HCP attorneys have the skill and experience to protect a favorable judgment or to seek reversal of an adverse decision.  We have represented clients before appellate courts in hundreds of cases throughout the country, up to and including the United States Supreme Court.  From writing a persuasive appellate brief to presenting a compelling oral argument, we have the experience necessary to achieve consistent and favorable results.  Because of our wealth of experience and proven track record, we are often called upon to appeal cases that were handled by other firms at the trial court level.

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